Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How to draw Basic Shapes for kids (Step By Step Beginners ) : Drawing Basic Shapes :

How to draw Basic Shapes for kids (Step By Step Beginners ) : Drawing Basic Shapes :


Drawing Basic Shapes

               In this lesson, we are going to learn the technique of drawing basic shapes of such as a Square, Circle, Triangle and so on.

I Hope you have a pencil and paper ready.


Now, Lets Quickly draw a basic the shapes of

  1.        Triangle or
  2.        Square or
  3.        Rectangle or
  4.        Circle and
  5.        oval and
  6.        one more oval(ellipse) or
  7.       semi-circle.

Now, Lets Draw Few More Shapes.

  1.        Pentagon Or
  2.        Hexagon Or
  3.        Spiral Or
  4.        Star Or
  5.        One More Spiral Opposite Direction.

NOW, Let’s Draw a Tri-Angle

And now one more Tri-Angle

And we will make a star using two Tri-Angle



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