Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Holding the pencil in correct way

Holding the pencil in a correct way :


Holding the Pencil in the correct way is the key to good and efficient drawing as well as good handwriting.

The Wrong way :

              I’ve observed that many kids hold the pencil in a wrong way.

      Wrong Method :

                They either,

§  Hold it very tight
§  Or Very loose
§  Or Leave a lot of space from the bottom.

All these are absolutely the wrong ways of holding the pencil and this will affect your speed as well as your accuracy while drawing.

The Correct way :

        Now, I will show you the correct and most efficient way of holding the pencil.

          Kids Observe Very Carefully.

      Right method:
§  Now Open the thumb,
§  Close these three Fingers,
§  Now Hold the pencil in the thumb,
§  And this finger and see like this, this has to be loose enough
§  My three fingers are still closed,
§  Now rotate the pencil and open three fingers to support the pencil.

That’s it, that’s a perfect crip

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